Destination wedding photographer / Europe, US, worldwide

You’ve found a wedding photographer — currently settled in Belgium and available everywhere in Europe and beyond — which practice primarily focuses on quality of a genuine and vibrating human relationship he’s strongly committed to. You’re a peer before to be a client and this is intrinsically part of my photography art. Tell me about your wedding day, address me any question, the sharing and joy do start here and it’s always a delight for me to answer.

The site being not full translated in english yet shoud not prevent you to look at my work here nor contact me for any information or a tchat.

Passion in pole position

I deal with the compelling necessity of collecting directly, with no filter, the joy that offers – and nourishes me in return – the fruit of my creations. It's the core human factor, impossible to circumvent, I can't compromise with.

Natural destination

To immortalize such of an episode of your life marvelously fills this absolute necessity ; creating joy as a photographer of your marriage fully fulfills my potential, as sensitive as technical.

Emotionally awake

Throughout the journey that logically brought me to photography, as a pedagogue or a communicator, I always basically wanted to be a humanity carrier, to touch the hearts of people beyond the masks. That’s what I do.

Intuitive photojournalism

To narrate the story of your wedding, I blend in and let me carry by the flood of events so as not to disrupt their natural flow. Emotions captured in their pure authenticity is a mark of my style.

Integral presence

Totally invested in what I do best, I offer you only one single formula : full coverage of your whole day, from bride and groom getting ready to the end of the evening party. I only tell complete stories, being always in the zone.

Total dedication

From the first words we exchange to the final delivery of your images and even years later, I am available for you. My services automatically integrate a careful, natural, conscientious presence. I do not calculate.

Visually educated

My solid visual culture comes from multiple horizons. Penetrating observer, graphic artist, retoucher, graduate in visual communication and human sciences, I am passionate about cinema, continually worked by images.

Photographically aware

I put a point of honor to deliver photographs treated in a special care, without frills and flounces or transient graphics fashion effects that only age gracefully, to deliver you images that will not go out of fashion.

Technically sharpened

A fifteen year experience as a graphic designer, web developer, image advisor, creator of various digital contents, gives me a perfect mastery of my gear, from shooting to processing your photos.

Physically ready

In the same way that I visually cultivate myself constantly, I maintain a certain level of fitness – a parameter largely underestimated in this business – to stay up to the dynamism that I guarantee, all day long.